Trouble Appointments

Carriers are reminded to have appointments in good order prior to arrival at the terminals. Deltaport and Vanterm terminals are still seeing many carriers continue to arrive with trouble tickets. Carriers can view the trouble message by simply clicking the TROUBLE message on the appointment. At present date, there are more than 1,000 appointments in TROUBLE at Deltaport and over 300 at Vanterm.

Terminal Gate Process Changes

Dear Trucking Community,

On July 9, 2014, the conditions as outlined under the Provincial Government and Port Metro Vancouver’s Joint Action Plan come into effect. Under point 11 of the Provincial Government Joint Action Plan, shipping terminals are required to pay a wait time fee to truckers who are delayed more than 90 minutes for an appointment. This fee is known as the Terminal Gate Efficiency Fee (TGEF).

GCT Canada LP and DP World (Canada) Inc. Set Daytime Reservation Fee to Partially Pay for Night Gate Operations at Port Metro Vancouver Terminals

Vancouver, B.C. June 11, 2014 –GCT Canada LP and DP World (Canada) Inc. (DP World) have notified terminal users that the daytime reservation fee announced in May has now been set at $50, with terminals subsidizing the actual costs by one quarter to one half, depending on the terminal.

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Terminal Gate Compliance Cancel Update (TGCI)

Valued Stakeholders,

Effective June 16, 2014, the terminals will be implementing the following updates to the current TGCI program to allow for more efficient gate processing.

Cancellation without penalty for DAY shift appointments must be completed before 12:00 noon one calendar day prior to the actual appointment.
The appointment system will not permit booking of DAY shift appointments after 14:00 one calendar day prior to the appointment. Nor will carriers be able to book on the same day shift.